I'm Brittany, a lady living in Brooklyn with my little dog, my computer, too many purses, and an increasing number of books (since said little dog loves to pull me into bookstores for the promise of treats whenever he gets the chance).

Here are a few quick "me" facts:

  • My favorite food = Pomegranates
  • My favorite holiday (and season) is Christmas(time)
  • I love long neighborhood walks and let my route be dictated by whatever looks "cute."

I'm a typical Millennial who graduated right before the 2008 Recession (that was fun), so I've experienced my fair share of job instability, from low-budget-driven layoffs to suffering at the whims of capricious start-up Founders. All of this is to say that, throughout my 16-year career in and around Marketing, I've had to bounce back from some brutal hits. I'm resilient, for sure. But all of that bouncing back has made me question what really matters to me; what are the things that make me joyful? 

And that's what this stage of my life is about- exploring practices, hobbies, and new paths that can bring me joy and new kinds of fulfillment. Of course, one big piece of that is getting back in touch with my creative side- so here we are!

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