About This Place

 I'm not really a writer. Not in the traditional sense, at least.

Rather- I've yet to feel like a writer or live my adult life like a creative. Ever since going to and graduating from undergrad, my life has been focused on how to earn money to pay bills and get just a bit ahead and stay on the hamster wheel of the rat race of life (or whatever rodent metaphor is most apropos ATM).

So, to live a more genuine, authentic life- I am pushing myself to write more. Much more. Certainly weekly. Daily? That could be pushing it. But we'll see!

And I'm publishing what I write here for some semblance of accountability.

What you'll find here: Random musings about my days, my dog, frustrations and joys, neighborhood characters, etc. Or even book reviews. Or little stories. Who knows! But the point is, writing will be done, and you're welcome to read it if you'd like.