Becoming A Writer One Story At A Time

Onto the Next Chapter

For much of my life, I've stuck to the script and done what's been expected- what's safe. And, mostly, this is because I've looked at life as a singular path or destiny. But as I get older and gather more experiences, I better understand the saying that life can be lived in CHAPTERS. I've always dreamed of becoming a writer, so this is just one part of my getting that chapter rolling.

Connect with myself and the world through the page

Write stories that make people laugh, think, discuss, and just feel, generally.


Grab your coffee or tea, settle in, and join me for a story. Or two. Or three. The world is your oyster, baby. And while you're at it, let me know makes you think, if anything gives you any feels, and what, if anything, you think would be cool to see as a story next.

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Why Uptown Lovely?

I spent the first 14 years of my time in New York City living Uptown, in Harlem. As I've thought about names for stories or websites or blogs, the name Uptown Lovely popped into my head and stuck- so I figured it was about time to bring it to life.